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Triumph Plant Company provides retailers with complete gardening kits, unique gifts, and hard to find items! We have been in the business of providng successful impulse items for the gardening industry for over 40 years. We strive to create repeat business for our customers and are constantly developing new products.

As of 2018 Triumph Plant Company has joined Enroot Products LLC!  Enroot provides innovative garden solutions and the merging of the Triumph line with Enroots Lines should strengthen both brands with fresh ideas and products. 

Our Vision

We believe that anyone can have a green thumb. Our compete growing kits are perfect for any gardner of any level and any age. Most of our products some complete with the pot, the potting material, fresh seeds, and easy to follow instructions! 



  Jim Johansen,

   Phone: 845 634 5060



We are concerned about conservation!


We have developed a series of Conservation Gardens to help promote pollination and nest and hive development. Growing flower beds and container gardens that have the varieites that attract bees, butterflies and song birds, pollination is encouraged. The flowers are beautiful, and nature is assisted. there's no telling what will happen to the food supply if these pollinators aren't supported, so promoting hive and nest activity is the least we can do.

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