Real Mistletoe

Real Mistletoe Pk 48 – clip strip merchandising and great at the register Attractive four color packaging looks great in every department Preserved for longer shelf life Festive red bow makes it great as a host/hostess gift Clip Strip packaging … Read more…

Crayola Gardens

Crayola Crayon Pot Garden

Crayola Crayon Pot gardens Pk 24 – four of each assortment per display Each kit contains compressed potting medium and fresh seeds Easy to follow instructions are included coleus   marigold sunflower  daisy zinnia  salvia   read more

Seed Mats

Flash Patch Lawn Repair

Flash Patch Lawn Repair Perfect for patching thin or bare spots in any lawn – seed won’t wash away – cut to fit any size Pk 24 per case 10′ x 2′ pre-seeded ,at Four color poly bag Easy to … read more

Hanging Baskets

Deck and Patio Hanging Baskets!

Attractive and easy to grow on your deck, patio or porch! pk 8 – 2 hanging butterfly, 2 hanging grape tomato, 4  hanging strawberry Kit includes an 8″ white hanging basket, sterile coconut coir potting medium, fresh seeds, and easy … read more

'For Dummies'

Gardening For Dummies Garden Products

Gardening For Dummies Garden Products Gardening For Dummies Department Roll Out Gardens – Flowers and Vegetables Wildflowers Butterfly High border Low Border Shady mix Tomato Cucumber Pepper Lettuce Mini Greenhouse – Flowers and Vegetables Marigold Sunflower Coleus Zinnia Daisy Salvia … read more

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap that Grows

Gift Wrap that Grows Great New Gift Box and Floor Display Pk 24 per case/display 100% recycled paper Wildflower seed mix – annual and perennial varieties 4 large 2′x3′ sheets – enough for 8 shirt boxes 6 gift cards plus … read more